Children & Youth Online

Children and youth are going online from Friday 15th May and is available to everyone aged 11+ who is able to connect using Zoom and where parental consent has been provided for under 18’s. [...]

Coronavirus Update – 6/5/20

We’ve reached the month of May and reports say that we’ve past the peak of the coronavirus outbreaks in the UK. In God’s time, we’ll all be able to worship together again [...]

Coronavirus Update – 29/4/20

We’re not alone in our time of lockdown. Many people all over the world are going through the same thing. In fact, many throughout history have been through similar circumstances. And some [...]

Coronavirus Update – 22/4/20

Lockdown has been extended but there is still a lot that the church has to offer. Stay tuned to Stu’s daily devotional series ‘You are….’ and our sermons each week on the Kingswood Baptist [...]

Coronavirus Update – 15/4/20

Hopefully you all had a blessed time over Easter and enjoyed our Easter services last week, despite this pandemic. If you’d appreciate any support during this time, please visit our [...]

Coronavirus Update – 8/4/20

This season that we are in has brought about a lot of changes for many in the church family. We have been encouraging the church family to call for support if required and there are many on [...]

Coronavirus Update – 1/4/20

Our online Sunday services have gone off to a great start. Join our next one this Sunday via Zoom. And check out the weekly update from our Senior Minister – Letter to KBC Fellowship [...]

Coronavirus Update – 24/3/20

Sunday services have begun being streamed via Zoom. For more information on Zoom and how to use it to stay tuned to our weekly Sunday services, please click here. Here is an update and a word of [...]

Coronavirus Update – 17/3/20

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend all KBC services, meetings and gatherings with immediate effect. The sole exception to this is our Project [...]