Steve Bettis

I went to a Christian school and learnt about Jesus there. However when I left school it was like there was more wonderful things to discover and in the long term and many years later, with no faith in God or Jesus, standards fell. I have always been an equal rights person and I sometimes became violent and developed a hatred against racist people who had prejudices against black people.  Thankfully I never got in trouble with the law.

I suppose the first signs of my Christian faith returned when I was 27 years old. I was admitted into the Middlesex Hospital in London. I was very ill with cancer at the time and was in intensive care for 4-6 weeks (isolation) undergoing extreme treatment. The Bible was on the right hand side of my bed. I read the Bible and started to pray. My love for Jesus returned and he got rid of the monster (cancer) that was within me and I was cured.

I haven’t had an easy life but I feel this is right time for me to be baptised because I want to show my community and all Christians that I do love God and Jesus. I am trying with God’s help to never do any wrongdoing to anyone. I want to be open about my faith and be forgiven of my past sins in the house of God. I want and would like to start a new chapter in my life, staying true to the Bible and devoting my life to Jesus and to serving other Christians.  I believe that no matter what you go through in life you need faith to keep you on the right road.

I want to be baptised because I am a man that loves Jesus. I have had many problems and have been far from a perfect person. After having cancer, I have always tried to maintain good moral values, not getting involved in violence and loving God’s creation. I pray regularly and find going to church a warming experience where I can give many thanks and praises to God.

I also want to give many thanks to all the people from the church for understanding me, without your support life would have still been more difficult. I thank you all so much.

PS. I look back at being alone, no support and it is the most horrible way to live. I thank you again for your hand of friendship.

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