Peter WillsonElder

    I have been a member at KBC since around the mid-seventies, having only become a Christian a matter of a few months before that in Kent. KBC has been my first real church where I’ve stayed for any length of time – around 42 years to date. Over the years the Lord has blessed us deeply at KBC.

    I’m happily married to Lorraine: we have two children and four grandchildren: our daughter and her family lives near Manchester, and our son and his family lives near Brentwood.

    I sometimes play brass in KBC Worship Group and am part of the Public Worship Ministry Team. The Ministry team and I arrange twice-yearly short Sunday afternoon services at our local St Luke’s Hospice.

    I was a Deacon for the Teaching & Training Ministry Team for a few years and am still keen to support and further their work.

    I’m currently involved in teaching in one of our Discipleship Groups and am involved with the Saturday Morning Prayer group at KBC too.

    Life as a Christian at KBC is very exciting, because we have an amazing and awesome Creating, Saving, Redeeming, Loving, Faithful God.

    The story doesn’t end there, it’s just the beginning ………

    All the above, I find to be very challenging, and very rewarding.

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    Andy Clark