Gary Lazell

Before I found faith I was lost. Years of violence, mental health problems (these are for life, but it makes life interesting at times), alcohol and substance abuse and generally doing everything I was not supposed to be doing. I was always pretty spiritual but never really looked into organised religion owing to a very pious obnoxious family member who was the “you’re all going to hell type Christian”.

I had a serious health scare and numerous symptoms and test results pointed towards cancer. I was lost with no relief from my spirituality so took a chance and prayed to Jesus. I felt immediate relief and comfort mixed with tears of elation. Suffice to say I went for more tests around a week later and everything was clear. I met Stu for a coffee after reaching out for guidance with what this all meant and decided to try church. I think I put my trust in Jesus on my second visit to the church when Stu and Nathan prayed for me.

Since becoming a Christian my life is filled with more joy and I’m less inclined to violence or self-harm I’ve become more understanding and hopefully Danni will tell you I have become more understanding and compassionate. I have trouble getting to read the bible as much as I would like owing to working 6 nights a week but I do the best I can. Obviously, Stu has been a big part of my journey with his encouragement and the Alpha course, Danni for putting up with my first faltering steps into faith and being my rock. I’m being Baptised now as I feel I want that closer connection to God and it’s his command.

I urge anyone interested even slightly in learning more to do the Alpha course and make up their own mind but believe in yourself as God believes in you if He redeems someone like me then anything is possible.

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