Joel OshojaElder

My name is Joel, married to Taibat and we are blessed with three teenagers.

I gave my life to Jesus Christ in February 1992 as a student and was involved in student leadership at various levels for many years. I have also had the privilege of being involved in church leadership over the years.

Since relocating to the UK in 2007, I have seen that God has been retraining me for His work in this country and joining KBC since 2017 I have learnt so much, especially how to live the Christ-like life in my frontline.

I seek to honour God in all things and my passion is the teaching of God’s Holy Word and challenging God’s people to a life of deeper devotion and fellowship through prayer and the study of His Word.

In pursuing our desire to see the Kingdom of God come in the Islamic world, especially in the Middle East and North of Africa, my wife and I organize and lead a monthly prayer meeting focused on these nations as well as supporting the work of organizations working amongst Muslims.

I am a musculoskeletal sonographer, working mainly in community services.

I try to keep fit by running and swimming.

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