Tazmine Potts

When I was two and a half years old my family started to go to church. I didn’t really understand what was said in Sunday Flight until I gave my life to Jesus when I was about 8 years old. I [...]

Aaron Mensah-Afoakwah

I have always been exposed to the word of God and his message, whether that be through attending church or praying as a family at home. Baptism had been discussed and on my mind, but I never [...]

Nimofe Adu

I always had some faith myself but my faith started to grow when I started going to The Hub. That was originally the gathering as I began interacting with others who had grown up in Christian [...]


I have always believed in God for as long as I can remember. Both my parents were Christians and we regularly attended our local Catholic Church where I was christened as a baby. I also attended [...]

David Riches

During my formative years, I decided that my life strategy would be to watch, listen, analyse and then decide, and I have done this all my life. Throughout my life I have looked into different [...]


I am Luke and am 12 years old and am ready to be baptised to Jesus. All my life I have been surrounded by believers, and brought up in a Christian home. Slowly I knew right from wrong and that [...]

Jessica Warner

I was born into a Christian family, so I have had lots of teaching about Christian life and what God does for us. This made me realise that I wanted a relationship with God. My experiences [...]

Chris Adeoshun

I was born into a Christian family and gave my life to Christ at the age of seven. I’m very fortunate to have had a Christian upbringing because I knew God from the start and haven’t experienced, [...]

Nathan Moore

I was christened as a baby and in my primary school years I attended Sunday school and would occasionally attend church but, I am not certain that I really understood the significance of God, [...]

Zoe Williams

I got born again when I was very young. I still stand by that decision. I believe that Jesus is my saviour and that he died for my sins so they could be washed away. I feel I am in a place that I [...]