Jerry Lucas

Before accepting Christ today, I’d say that I’ve always had God within my life one way or another thanks to my upbringing. From an early age I was educated about God’s gospel and saw firsthand the positive impact having God in your life can bring through my family however, I couldn’t say that I had a close personal relationship with God. As I grew older my belief in God never wavered but my personal relationship with God fluctuated between close and distant. Looking back, I realised my hardest moments in life usually followed a long-distance spell away from God and only through actively seeking out God did I find the strength to overcome those obstacles.

Since then, I’ve consistently pursued a relationship with God, through the good times and the bad, and I can proudly say that I feel beyond blessed. The inner peace and stability that I’ve found within my life has reaffirmed my faith. The challenges I’ve faced within my faith journey have blessed me with the opportunity to strengthen my discipline to resisting the temptation of sin this world has to offer. This experience has taught me a valuable lesson which has led me here today; life without God is meaningless and void. I want to be baptised today because I feel grateful for the life that I have and having learnt the lessons that I have, I’m ready to walk with God for the rest of my life through making this commitment.


I’m aware that all of our faith journeys are unique, but I hope that whoever reads this and is considering pursuing a relationship with God takes one thing from my testimony and that is that life with Christ compared to life without Christ is so much better and abundantly rewarding in ways you can’t fathom until you experience it.

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