Gift Day, 29th January

We have an exciting and faith stirring calling ahead of us as a church, the task of preparing for growth (Isaiah 54:2-3) and extending our premises. The purpose of this is to make room for more people to come and worship the Lord, for KBC to become a ‘heart beat’ and crossing place for the community and to serve our community.

At a recent Church Meeting we agreed to take the next step of pursuing Planning Permission for new premises. The cost of this stage is in the region of £50,000 and there is a shortfall we need to raise.

In light of this we will be having a Gift Day on the 29th January 2017 (although gifts can be brought at any time through January – please mark your envelope with ‘GIFT DAY’). It will be a time for us to celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness in providing for us as we have sought to follow His plan obediently, and an opportunity for us to give or pledge to give in the months that lie ahead.

In preparation for the day please take time to pray for the Lord’s ongoing provision and that He would give us the grace to give systematically, sacrificially and joyfully to His Kingdom work.

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