Tazmine Potts

When I was two and a half years old my family started to go to church. I didn’t really understand what was said in Sunday Flight until I gave my life to Jesus when I was about 8 years old. I wanted to get baptised then but my mum asked me a few questions and said that would have to wait because I was too young.

When I was about 11 years old, I started senior school and life became a challenge for me. As I got into the first year at Senior School I got bullied a lot and I would get called names: fat, stinkiest girl in the world and so on.
Then in 2017 it seemed that life got a lot harder for me and I have been through a lot lately: I started being bullied because of my faith and most of my friends have left me because they think I am crazy.
I went to Youth Alpha 2016 and found it really good. I also watched this film with my family called “God’s not dead”.

Afterwards talking to a friend they said, “God is dead”. I asked, “Can you explain to me why do you think God is dead?”  My friend replied, “God is dead and that no-one can see him”. I said, “You can see him but in your heart and if you believe he is the holy one”.

As I have grown older my life has turned from angry and stressed, to me having an excellent life – the best I could ever have.

The bullies have not got any better. They have still been saying that I’m a nasty fat girl but I’m praying everyday for God to give me courage to go and ask the bullies some questions, like, “why don’t you like me, why don’t you ever be kind to me and why do you bully me”.

At the Alpha reunion this year we watched a great film. While we were watching I felt the Holy Spirit go through me, like heat going through and words going through me. It made me feel special inside. Since then I have been writing notes to help me and I have been praying more and just telling God how I feel.

I felt God was saying, inside, that I needed to get baptised so I spoke to the Youth Leaders Paul and Michelle and we prayed about me getting baptised. The reasons why, I said I want to get baptised is so that I can help people understand who God is and what he paid for us.

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