Sarah-Jayne Saunders

I’ve been coming to Kingswood Baptist Church for almost 10 years. I grew up hearing what God had done for us but it wasn’t until recently that I understood it on a personal level.

I can’t tell you exactly when I realised I wanted to get baptised but recently I’ve gone through some troubles and my life seemed to change drastically. I don’t know what the plan for my life is but I am certain God does. At some point in all the madness I realised that my life is securely placed in the hands of God, and that nothing can remove me.

I realised that that God loves us more than anyone else in existence and that He loved us from the very start. He knows our every moment and even though we may turn away from Him, He still chooses to love us, never letting go of our lives. He loves us so much that he sent His Son who came into this world with only one desire, to take away our sin and remove our failures so that we might live the very best of lives.

I know that by following God my life isn’t going to get any easier but I also know if I ever fall down or feel like I can’t go any further God will pick me up and carry me.

I want to get baptised because I know just how much God loves us. So I want to start again and give God my life and live it His way. I know my life will never be enough to repay what he gave us but it’s the best that I can give.

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