Jessica Parker

Jessica ParkerI have been attending Kingswood Baptist Church (KBC) for 11 years, so being raised into a church life I was used to hearing stories about Jesus. I have been raised into a Christian family and remember being taught stories from the Bible from my grandparents.

I enjoyed attending Sunday school and church youth clubs where I learnt more about Jesus. This helped me to build my trust in God and live the life that He wants me to.

Then suddenly, in August 2014, my world was turned upside down as my parents split up. This was really devastating for me as I was not expecting this to happen. I prayed to God to keep my parents together although I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Since the split up I have found it quite hard dealing with some situations, but I know that I can rely on God to give me strength and guidance.

In 2015, I attended Spree with all my friends from KBC. Going to this gave me a closer relationship with God. Since being back from Spree, I have continued to learn about God through church and nurture group. I am looking forward to being more involved in church life in the future.


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