Zoe Williams

Zoe WilliamsI got born again when I was very young. I still stand by that decision. I believe that Jesus is my saviour and that he died for my sins so they could be washed away. I feel I am in a place that I am ready to be baptised.

I feel I am in a place to be baptised because I am in a point in time where I understand the bible as well as the teachings. That I’m in a point in time where I really want to know more, as I don’t know everything. Every day, when I wake up and before I go to sleep I read my bible and pray. On Thursdays my family and I do bible study as a family. It’s a time when my understanding of Jesus and His Word is improved. The bible we read my mum especially bought because it was easy to understand and gave us extra information as well as meanings to words we may not understand.

One of the things that I learnt is like everyone else we have problems, though they may not seem that big of an issue to others, but at that point in time feel like a big issue. When I went to God things were always sorted out whether it was or wasn’t in the time frame I ideally wanted. Through situations like this I remember that many people have it a lot worse and that I should be grateful for the family, house and all the things I get that aren’t needed.

I am also grateful for that fact that I got to meet Jesus and decide whether I wanted to follow him or not and that there are still others that haven’t gotten that chance. Sometimes I need to remind myself when I’m going through bad times that we are suffering now for the kingdom of heaven .

Being a Christian shows me that even when I feel that I am alone that God will always love me. In life as a Christian , it is good to know that even when I have hard times the church is there to support me.

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