Jessica Warner

jessica warner

I was born into a Christian family, so I have had lots of teaching about Christian life and what God does for us. This made me realise that I wanted a relationship with God.

My experiences haven’t been perfect, I’ve had ups and downs and been hurt along the way. I have found that school has been hard for me, as many people I know don’t believe in God, but I pray for my friends so that they will come to know God. In my RS class I stood up for my belief, which is that God loves me no matter what I do and that He died to save us from our sins. I believe this because I talk to him through prayer and He has helped me over those hard areas where I got stuck along the way and felt alone even though deep down I know He is with me.

When I was bullied at school I prayed to God for help and it came to me, my sister she helped me sort it all out and I no longer get bullied at school. It may have got me down but God came and picked me up and cared for me.

I feel that I am ready to be baptised because I know God loves me and will never stop loving me.



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