Luke Elmes

I am Luke and am 12 years old and am ready to be baptised to Jesus.

All my life I have been surrounded by believers, and brought up in a Christian home.

Slowly I knew right from wrong and that Jesus is Lord and Saviour but I never knew Him on a personal level. I always just put myself in the category ‘Christian and going to heaven’ and left it at that.

I always wanted God to prove it to me when there was nothing to prove. But camps like Solid and Soul Survivor were the best for me as I was surrounded by God’s young people and always came back on a high. But a couple of weeks later I would be back down.

In 2014 we went to Soul Survivor, a camp that lasted five days and has over 4,000 people. Jam packed with new songs and parties all and every night (just let me say: ‘let’s not talk about the showers’)—it is a pretty awesome place.

So, one of the evening sermons I was distracted by my very own first pack of cards that someone from the camp gave me. That night people was standing up for prayer so I got out the way and sat with my mother. My mind got easily sidetracked and I started asking the questions: ‘Is God real? Is it just a BIG coincidence?’ So I came to the conclusion: God prove it!

So I was going to spell out the King of hearts (in mind the image of God as well as a card in the pack), each time laying down a card and I’d flip over the next card and if God is real then it will show the King of Hearts. So I shuffled them up and played out twelve cards:

K – I – N – G – O – F –  H – E – A – R -T – S

I flipped over the next card…

I saw…


When I realised, it was as if a wave hit me…

This is my pin point moment of conversion—rags for riches.

So I believe that God wants to use us all in the furthering of His Kingdom. I also believe that God wants to use me to care for his people—injured psychologically or physically by using the weapon of prayer. So by being baptised I can almost tick off something from the list. I believe that there is an informal list for our steps in our faith, these steps don’t save us, only Jesus does but it is part of our growth. So coming to faith, being baptised, member of the church, helping within the the church. I think that each step strengthens our faith. That does not mean we need to over work ourselves because we always need to be available to God.

Now I am saying I want God to use me.

Thank you


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